Parkinson's Program

The Comprehensive Parkinson Disease and Movement Disorders Program at UNM

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Parkinson's Program


Sarah Pirio Richardson

Sarah Pirio Richardson, MD
Principal Investigator
Movement Disorders Specialist
Assistant Professor of Neurology
CTSC Scholar
CV and profile (VIVO)

Sarah Pirio Richardson, MD, is a movement disorder neurologist. Using novel technologies, she is studying the electrical impulses and neural pathways that make movement happen to understand the mechanisms at work for patients with chronic movement disorders. Read TMS as Novel Diagnostic and Therapy for Movement Disorders (UNM CTSC).


Amanda Deligtisch, MD
Movement Disorders Specialist
Assistant Professor of Neurology
CV and profile (VIVO)

Areas of interest and expertise: the diagnosis and treatment of all movement disorders, including Parkinson disease, dystonia and tremor and the use of deep brain stimulation to treat Parkinson disease, dystonia and tremor.


Erich Marchand, MD
Deep Brain Stimulation Neurosurgeon
Movement Disorders Specialist