Department of Neurology
MSC10 5620
Health Sciences Center
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

Administrative Office
Phone: (505) 272-3342
Fax: (505) 272-6692

Child Neurology Residency Program Director
James Reese, Jr., MD, MPH

Residency Coordinator
Carlos Abeyta, MBA

Frequently Asked Questions

How is your inpatient service organized?
We’re mostly a consult service. We have primary inpatients when we electively admit them for a scheduled overnight EEG. The patients we typically see may be admitted to one of the pediatric hospitalists, the PICU, the NICU, or a surgical service. Other times, we may see patients in the ER or urgent care clinic to help with disposition.

What is your call burden?
The burden of call from home can be variable. Rarely do our residents have to come in and see someone in case of emergency. Our residents tend to feel that taking call from home is easier on them than having to be in the hospital and also quite helpful to prepare to be an attending taking call from home.

Do you do adult neurology call?
During the PGY-3 year, the child neurology residents may do 2-4 weeks of adult neurology night float (on weeknights). They take no weekend call in adult neurology since they do weekend home call in child neurology. This allows them some learning opportunities to be the first to respond to stroke calls and develop confidence in helping treat other problems in adult neurology. Adult neurologists are always available and responsive while they’re on night float.

What do the residents like most about this program?
The majority of our residents have cited the collegiality of our program as its strongest aspect. Residents also tend to feel that we have a flexible group who create a positive learning environment, which has led to fellowships at well-respected programs. They see the call schedule as a huge upside.

What makes your program unique?
Our residents feel that the patient population of our hospital is certainly unique. We tend to see all of the complicated children throughout the state. Additionally, they like the positive learning environment that comes from having faculty that they all get to know personally. Our program has allowed several residents to travel abroad for research opportunities.

How busy is your service?
Our residents feel consistently busy clinically on service but don’t feel that teaching has to be sacrificed. Our average census may hover around 5-6 but can vary significantly.

Is there really pizza at your continuity clinic?
Yes! We have pizza delivered during continuity clinic. As soon as the residents all finish with their continuity patients, we sit together and talk about the most difficult cases from the day or interesting teaching points. The pizza helps provide us enough energy to make this a productive session! As fun as this is, we also make sure that we all walk out of the door to go home no later than 6.

What if I have other questions?
We’re all quite happy with our program and are happy to answer any/all questions. Feel free to contact our residency coordinator, Sylvia Henrard, or our residency director, Jimmy Reese, if any other questions come to mind! You can see their contact info on the left of the screen. They can also help you get in contact with any specific residents if you have questions for them based on their profiles.