Department of Neurology
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Health Sciences Center
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Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

Administrative Office
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Clinical Neuroscience Centers

Lomas Center
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Graduate Education Programs in the Department of Neurology

Adult Neurology Residency Program
The Neurology Residency Program at the University of New Mexico offers three years of training in neurology or in child neurology providing the foundation for academic, clinical, or research-oriented careers in neurology. Throughout the program, a primary goal is to provide residents the opportunity to work closely with the faculty, as they prepare for specialty board exams in neurology or in child neurology and for careers in academia or in private practice.

Child Neurology Residency Program
The University of New Mexico offers a combined, ACGME accredited Pediatrics-Neurology residency. The hospital offers you a unique clinical training opportunity with unparalleled exposure to a tricultural population and vast gamut of pathologies. We have a large and diverse faculty that continues to grow while maintaining a personalized investment in resident training. At the end of five years, you will be a well trained clinician, educator, and investigator prepared for fellowship or entrance into the field of neurology.

Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship Program
The University of New Mexico Clinical Neurophysiology Program is an ACGME accredited 1-year fellowship. Upon successful completion of the program, fellows will be eligible for the Added Qualifications Examination in Clinical Neurophysiology. The training emphasis will be on the interpretation of central nervous system neurophysiology, such as EEG, video EEG, evoked potentials, and sleep medicine. Fellows are expected to be proficient in the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy at the completion of training. Training is available and required in eletromyography, nerve conduction studies, intraoperative monitoring and polsomnography.