Real-Time fMRI with Neurofeedback

Real-world experience and clinical research converge in demonstrating that substance-dependent individuals will continue to use drugs despite an often strong desire to cease taking them. Emerging technology, such as real-time functional magnetic resonance imaging (rt-fMRI), affords the opportunity to provide individuals with online feedback regarding the current state of their neural activity. One valuable use of this technology may be to provide cocaine-dependent individuals with information regarding their neural response to drug-related and nondrug-related reward, and to utilize this "neuro-feedback" approach to train participants to gain control over their neural activity, and to rebalance altered reward sensitivities.

Ongoing projects:

  • Using rt-fMRI to Modulate Neural Responses to Drug and Nondrug Rewards in Cocaine Abusers
  • Using Real-Time fRMI to Facilitate Neuromodulation to Drug-Cues in Adolescent Abusers