Research in the Human MR Imaging Research Laboratory

Our research is focused on the development of high-speed spectroscopic MR imaging and real-time functional MR imaging for applications in Cancer Research, Neurology and Psychiatry. Projects include:


Method Development

  • High-Speed MR Spectroscopic Imaging in Human Brain
  • Diffusion Tensor MR Spectroscopic Imaging
  • Pattern Classification
  • Real Time Functional MRI:
    • Multi-Echo EPI
    • Ultra-High Speed fMRI using Echo-Volumar Imaging
    • Task Based Activation and Resting State Connectivity using TurboFIRE Software

Clinical Research

  • Monitoring Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Response in Breast Cancer using High-Speed 3D MR Spectroscopic Imaging of total Choline
  • Presurgical Mapping in Patients with Brain Tumors, Epilepsy and Arterioveneous Malformations using Task Based and Resting State Real-Time fMRI

Neuroscience Research

  • Real-Time fMRI with Neurofeedback
  • Real-time resting state fMRI